I am a creative archivist with a love for processes and an interest in making, homebrewing, and general geekery. Curious what I do? Read on.


I have many years of experience handling digital and physical assets in a variety of corporate settings. My interests include preservation, digital asset management, and cataloging. You can see more of my professional activities on LinkedIn.


I love the experience of making new things with my hands and learning about the processes of others. Some example projects include sewing gift bags, book layout for webcomics, homebrewing beer, and setting up wordpress sites. You can see my latest projects at Squirrel Brain, a maker blog for the perpetually distracted.


When I’m not working or making, I like to explore the many virtual worlds out there in the realm of video games. Some recent favorites include Minecraft, Never Alone, and Transistor. If you’ve got a great indie, puzzle-platformer or story-driven first person adventure game, I want to hear about it.

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